1-2-1 Training     

Dog Possible offers realistic, and easy to follow dog training for the whole family. 

1-2-1 is a simple and effective way to learn all of the foundations and major life skills needed for a confident, well-adjusted dog, that fits around your busy schedules. 

From puppy to senior dogs, from recall training to constant barkers, we're here to help you through it.

If you're unsure on what will be best, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

We offer 1-2-1 private behavioural training and life skills training courses too for just you, your dog and our trainer.

We will cover everything in our classes plus more, giving you 100% of the trainers time, attention and help. 

A certificate and goodie bag is given out at the end of all competed courses.

We offer instalment plans on all our 1-2-1 services*

*single consultation not included


1-2-1 life skills

Training  Sessions

These individual training/behaviour session are ideal for people and their dogs of all ages, needing a little extra help with certain life skills.

You could need help with recall, loose-lead walking or maybe you have a dog that barks at everything and everyone. 

During the consultation, we'll advise you on management skills to stop the issues progressing, as well as force-free techniques, focus and anything else that will lead you to the results you require. 

If any follow up sessions are required, these are on a 'as and when' needed basis and cost £40 per hour session. 

We also offer three sessions: a consultation and 2 x follow up hour sessions to use when required for £110.

This flexibility ensures that you can work at yours and your dogs own pace.

Some customers prefer weekly, fortnightly or even monthly visits to be sure they're heading in the right direction. The choice is yours. 

£45- Consultation

£110 Consultation &
2 x hour follow ups

Discounts available to those that require more than 3 sessions


1-2-1  Puppy  life skills

Starter   course

The puppy starter course is specially tailored to the various developmental stages of a puppy.

Bringing home a new puppy can be exciting times, it can also quickly bring on issues that can turn your life upside down.. especially if you add young children into the mix!

The puppy starter course is tailor-made to cover everything needed, to start your puppy on the right path towards becoming a happy, confident and well-behaved dog.

We cover:

  • socialisation skills, 

  • safe puppy handling,

  • habituating puppy to human touch

  • Unwanted puppy behaviour (mouthing etc)

  • Toilet training

  • Crate training

  • Nutrition

  • And advise on how to puppy-proof your home 

As well as introducing the following cues:

  • Reflex to name

  • Interrupter cue

  • Down cue

  • Automatic Sit

  • Drop items on cue

  • Eye contact

  • Follow-me cue

  • Introducing recall

  • Settle on a mat

We also work with the children so they have a great understanding of their puppy's needs. We show this through fun and games. Our youngest 'trainer' to date has been just 3 years old!

Please allow 90 minutes for your first session. 


6 Weekly Course: in the comfort of your own home.

Did you know?

We also offer home visits whilst your at work.  

We don't just feed and let your pup out. We start/continue their training, and socialisation to be sure they never miss an opportunity.

See below for more details.


Puppy   Care & Train


When the time comes that you have to leave your puppy at home alone can be a daunting time, more so if your puppy is not suited to a day-care setting, for one reason or another.

Rest assured your puppy will be in great hands with a visit from our experienced and qualified trainer.

All aspect of puppy care is carried out during the hour visit. Including feeding, toileting, cleaning up accidents, and playtime. As well as continuing their critical socialisation and introducing training skills.

If your puppy is not able to be on the ground for socialisation, due to not completing their vaccinations, we will use appropriate puppy pushchairs. 

Once your pup is 'street walk ready' and fully vaccinated, we can *carry on their experiences through solo walks, safe dog interactions, walking manners, and recall. 

£20-  60 minute   visit

*Puppies up to 24 weeks of age


1-2-1  Foundations  

Manners and life skills Training  Course

This training course is suitable for dogs from 5 months to seniors with little or no previous training history.  

During the 6 weeks we'll cover:

  • Sit, Down & Stand

  • Focus

  • Recall

  • Walking nicely on lead

  • Take and drop items

  • Greeting manners

  • Find it! - fun scent work

  • Handling

  • Plus more!


Plus any mild issues covered such as:

  • Mild mouthing

  • Toilet training

  • Over excitement during play

The first session is 90 minutes. The remaining 5 is 60 minutes each. 

£180-   6 week Foundation Course

Once the Foundation is completed, you have the option to progress through our 1-2-1 Bronze, Silver, Gold levels.

All courses come with a completion certificate and goodie bag.


Reactive Dogs

We all have a picture in our heads of our future life with our dogs- beach and woodland walks, dogs running off lead with all their doggy friends, holidays.... unfortunately this isn't always the case and it can become very overwhelming and stressful.

Dog reactivity is often mistaken for the dog wanting to 'protect' their owner, or aggression, when in fact it often originates from anxiety and feeling uncomfortable.  This is especially true for dogs that bark only when on a lead.

Using no force, corrections or punishments, we will help you understand the root causes of your dogs behaviour, why they do it, and show you ways to manage and overcome it.

The first session is 90 minutes. This will be a consultation visit where we set up an immediate management plan, and start the process.

After the first session, a full report will be emailed to you with everything discussed, along with any step by step pdf help sheets on any training cues. 

£180-   6 Sessions

We understand how hard it can be to fit in the walks needed. That's why we also offer special training walks for those only under our reactive dog services so we can continue the training for you, when you can't. 

We charge no more than the average dog walker price for a solo walk. 


Children & Dogs

1-2-1 Sessions

Children and dogs, where do we start.

It can be an absolutely beautiful thing, anyone with a puppy is now screaming "nooo! no its not!", and yes, it can bring stress and tears to a household too. 

Children and dogs have natural unlimited energy that us adults can't keep up with, and some dogs LOVE it!  .. Adults don't. 

Very quickly the fun and games can turn to tears.

Dog Possible has a great interest on educating the importance of safe interactions between dogs and children. After all, children are our future animal advocates.

Being parents ourselves, we understand how hard it can be to ask a child to listen whilst there's a dog running around.

1-2-1 child and dog sessions are carried out specifically to the child's age and understanding.

With the use of fun games, interactions and role-play, we get our message across.

The first session is 90 minutes. This allows enough time to also talk to you about your needs and concerns, and meet your dog. 

The next 3 sessions are 45 minutes each.

Depending on the child's understanding, we cover:

  • How to safely approach a dog

  • Body Language

  • Games you can play that limit excitement

  • What to do if their dog gets too excited

  • How to become 'best friends'

  • Rules and boundaries 

  • Plus anything else you have raised concerns over.

For the older children we look into body language a bit more, how to build your friendship through training, basic health checks, safe play and interactions and depending on their age, even basic first aid.

All children receive a laminated certificate at the end of the session.

The trainer will show photo ID and has a valid DBS check.

There must be an adult over 18 years of age present 

£80 - 4  sessions

Did  you  know  we  work  with  breeders  too!

The breeder can shape a dog's future, in such a short window of time; they have the power to change a dog's quality of life in just the first 12 weeks!

If the right thing is done, at the right time; aggression, lack of focus, frustration issues, fear, and anxiety can become a thing of the past for most adult dogs.

You can not only ensure your puppies are as genetically and physically sound as possible but also emotionally well adapted to handle all situations.

We'll help you prepare your puppy for all the 'ups and downs of life.

From sights and sounds to dealing with frustration and fear.

We'll even show you how to start clicker training at just 4 weeks old! 

Our trainer will visit two weeks before whelping is due to take place, then once a week from week 3, and provide you with all the information, planning, and demonstrations you need. 

Your new puppy parents will receive a free Early puppy Course to continue their training (either in-person or pre-recorded video), along with a workbook with step-by-step guides.

Please contact us for more information