Meet the Trainer

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Becky not only trained dogs..

Hi, I'm Becky and the only trainer within Dog Possible.

I started my journey as soon as I left school in 1996, always being fond of animals, and having a deep connection with them, I knew that was the path I wanted to take from a very young age. 

After completing a level 3 in Animal care I wanted something more challenging. 

That lead me to completing an undergraduate degree on Animal Behaviour with Applied Science (equivalent to a level 5), and my continued learning still goes on.. I feel I can never know enough when it comes to animals.

Thanks to modern research we're learning more than ever about how dogs learn and communicate. 

We understand them better, and with that knowledge, not only can we achieve dog and human harmony, but also allow the dog to still be a dog and enjoy life to the fullest.. win win in my eyes. 

What made me want to start   dog training?

Before I started my career in my first paid animal job, I worked as a volunteer in many rescues for my behaviour degree work experience. It opened my eyes to just how bad the situation in the UK is surrounding pet dogs. 

Over 75% of the dogs surrendered was due to behavioural issues. That made me feel very sad, not just for the dogs, but for the families that felt they had no other option but to hand over, what was most of the time, a very much loved pet.

I thought if I could just help one family, that's one less dog in the rescue. Helping one, then became two and so on.  I even went on to train llamas, alpacas, rabbits, goats and chickens.. yes you can actually clicker train a chicken!

I quickly realised its not just about training the dogs. Its training the humans too. Not only was I a dog trainer, I quickly became the families 'go to person' when they were feeling stressed and frustrated.

In 2020, I took advantage of the first Covid-19 lockdown, and took two zoom courses at college; Counselling and Children & Young persons Mental Health to help me get a deeper understanding of human frustrations and how best I can help the clients get through these stressful times.

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Becky with 1 of her four dogs

I am constantly keeping up with the newest development in canine training and studies regarding dog psychology and behaviour. (Sept 2021)

Professional Qualifications

  • A full member with distinction at IMDT

  •  Animal Behaviour- Applied Science level 5 (4yr Course)

  • Canine Behaviour level 5- ISCP

  • Animal Welfare level 3 (1yr)

  • Veterinary medicines level 3 (18mths)

  • Animal Care level 3 (2yr course)

  • Counselling and mental Health Awareness 

  • Children & Young Peoples mental health awareness 

  • Level 3 Understanding and Working with Canine Behaviour: Learning, Motivation and Reinforcement' IMDT.

Continued Personal Development


  • 2 day career as a dog trainer

  • Impulse Control

  • Perfect Puppy Foundations

  • Loose Leaders

  • Happy Recall

  • Canine Body Language

  • Canine Aggression & Rehab

  • 2 day Consultation

  • Behaviour Case Studies

  • 4 day practical Instructor

  • Predatory Motor Patten's

  • Learning Theory

Dog Training College:

  • Reactive Rascals

  • Canine Body Language

Certified Trick Dog Instructor, and a Dog Parkour Instructor

Dunbar Academy-

(Dr Ian Dunbar):

  • Science-based Dog Training (with Feeling)

  • SIRUS Dog Trainer (4days)

  • Puppy Training

  • Reliability & Games Dog Training (2 days)

  • Dogs & Children

  • Children around dogs

Canine Principles:

  • Canine Communication

  • Rock Solid Recall

  • Canine Bonding & Play

  • The science of teaching

  • Canine Calmness

  • Puppy Socialisation

  • Canine Resource Guarding

  • Children & Dogs

  • Predation Substitute Training

I'm also first aid trained for both human and canine.