Puppy Training begins the moment you encounter your pup and continues over the life of your dog.

Your dog is never too young to begin training and the earlier you start, the better.  

You may have heard about the importance of socialising with your puppy. But did you also know that poor, incorrect socialisation can be more damaging than none at all!

Our main focus with puppies is teaching them confidence, social behaviour and manners, habituating touch, and handling and show you how to avoid the common mistakes with your puppy, that lead to unwanted adult behaviours. 

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Puppy cuddles...

Each of our puppy training courses/packages ensures that your dog is prepared for their lives in and out of the home, and you become the best human your dog could hope for. 

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Cute Puppy

Training cues are relatively minor in importance compared to building a puppy that is confident, socially pleasant, relaxed and fun.


In young puppies, we have to help shape behaviours, and create good habits from the start, which allow us to avoid certain problems entirely in adulthood.

We have seen many dogs with behaviour problems that actually have good 'obedience' skills, all because puppy 'obedience' was the main focus of the training in the beginning.


Of course we introduce puppies to the basic cues, but our main priority is your puppies confidence and your relationship with them. We build the skills they'll need for their new life with you through positive reinforcement training and games. 

This training is suitable for fully vaccinated puppies up to 6 months at the start of the course. 

This course is ran both in and outdoors.


We'll cover:

  • Basic cues (sit, down, stand)

  • Focus and impulse control

  • Puppy coming back when called

  • Walking nicely on a lead intros

  • Leaving items

  • Settling/staying on mat.

  • Health checking and grooming

  • Polite meetings and play

  • Plus help discussions on issues such as: mouthing, toilet training, over excitement, and all other puppy related problems.

All courses come with a completion certificate.

Once completed, you have the option to progress to our Teen - Adult Course.

Classes ARE NOT SUITABLE for dogs that bark at other dogs or people or are fearful. 

£70 - 6   week  Puppy  Class

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1-2-1  Puppy  life skills

Starter   course

The puppy starter course is specially tailored to the various developmental stages of a puppy.

Bringing home a new puppy can be exciting times, it can also quickly bring on issues that can turn your life upside down.. especially if you add young children into the mix!

The puppy starter course is tailor-made to cover everything needed, to start your puppy on the right path towards becoming a happy, confident and well-behaved dog.

We also work with the children so they have a great understanding of their puppy's needs. We show this through fun and games. Our youngest 'trainer' to date has been just 3 years old!

We cover:

  • socialisation skills, 

  • safe puppy handling,

  • habituating puppy to human touch

  • Unwanted puppy behaviour (mouthing etc)

  • Toilet training

  • Crate training

  • Nutrition

  • And advise on how to puppy-proof your home 

As well as introducing the following cues:

  • Reflex to name

  • Interrupter cue

  • Down cue

  • Automatic Sit

  • Drop items on cue

  • Eye contact

  • Follow-me cue

  • Introducing recall

  • Settle on a mat


6 Weekly Course: in the comfort of your own home.

Please allow 90 minutes for your first session. 

Did you know?

We also offer home visits whilst your at work.  

We don't just feed and let your pup out. We start/continue their training, and socialisation to be sure they never miss an opportunity.

See below for more details.

Puppy   Care & Train


When the time comes that you have to leave your puppy at home alone can be a daunting time, more so if your puppy is not suited to a day-care setting, for one reason or another.

Rest assured your puppy will be in great hands with a visit from our experienced and qualified trainer.

All aspect of puppy care is carried out during the hour visit. Including feeding, toileting, cleaning up accidents, and playtime. As well as continuing their critical socialisation and introducing training skills.

If your puppy is not able to be on the ground for socialisation, due to not completing their vaccinations, we will use appropriate puppy pushchairs. 

Once your pup is 'street walk ready' and fully vaccinated, we can *carry on their experiences through solo walks, safe dog interactions, walking manners, and recall. 

£20-  60 minute   visit

*Puppies up to 24 weeks of age

Remember, Raising a puppy is not easy. Yes, they're extremely cute and quite capable of wrapping us around their paw, but as responsible caregiver, we must give them clear guidance of what's acceptable and what's not.

We can't express how important the first few months with your puppy is. It breaks our hearts seeing the hundreds of adolescent dogs surrendered each year to shelters, purely down to their behaviour not being compatible with domestic living.  

Every second of every day your puppy is learning, watching, and trying to understand living in a home.

If you don't want a 40kg adult dog jumping up at you as soon as you come through the door, positively reinforce a 'sit' whilst they are still a puppy

They say prevention is better than cure, and it couldn't be more correct. 



















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When working with us with, not only will you be shown how to gradually introduce strong basic manners cues through play, you'll receive advice on the following:

  • Housebreaking / Crate Training 

  • Control of Resources

  • Food / Feeding

  • Handling / Building a tolerance to touch

  • Preparing your dog for the

  • Grooming (including nail trimming)

  • Correct lead management

  • Socialisation

  • Suitable toys & Controlled games

  • The importance of schedules

  • Sleeping Patten's

  • Avoiding major and minor mistakes

  • Getting the family involved

  • Preventing / Stopping puppy biting

  • Fear / Nervousness / Imprinting

  • Timelines for Training

  • Explanation of each types and Methods of Training with the Advantages / Disadvantages of each method.