Terms & Conditions

Smart Dog

Bookings and Payment:

Payment Method

* Dog Possible accepts cash, PayPal, BACS or valid Dog Possible vouchers as a payment method for securing any appointment/package. Details of payment options can be found on the booking form, email, or invoice depending on how you booked.


*Any 1-2-1 training services/packages must be paid before we can fully secure your booking: You will be emailed the link to our online booking form. Once the completed form is received, a day and time for your booking will agreed between your self and Dog Possible and your invoice will be sent to you.

*For group classes, a £10 non-refundable deposit is required. The remaining balance, or as stated on your invoice is to be paid at the start of the first class, either by Cash, Bank transfer or PayPal (please note that PayPal requires a 5% additional charge).

Only after payment/deposit being cleared, will any booking be secured. 

Cancellations and Refunds 

* 1-2-1 cancellations (unless in extreme circumstances) will be refunded depending on the notice given as follows:

7+ days: 100% refund or another appointment can be made for a more suitable day.

6-4 days: 50% refund. (1-2-1 courses will result in a session lost if cancelled with 4-5 days of agreed time).

3-0 days: 0% refund. For package bookings, 1 x follow up session will be lost.

* Too many cancellations for any of our services could lead to all future bookings cancelled and a ban from using Dog Possible in future.

*Missed classes will not be refunded unless exceptional circumstances arise such as death or re-home of the dog.

* If in the unfortunate event Dog Possible cannot provide the service previously agreed, we will do our best to arrange an alternative date, or continue the training via Zoom. In extreme circumstances we may have to cancel altogether. We will corroborate you receive at least 48 hrs notice and receive a 100% refund, plus help find you a suitable alternative.


1-1 services

* Times and date of any service must be agreed beforehand by client and Dog Possible. Although we aim to adhere to the times, we may on occasions need to adjust these due to unforeseen circumstances. You will be notified of any changes ASAP.

*Most new client appointments have a minimum of two weeks’ waiting list, more so for evening/weekend appointments due to limited availability. We do keep 'emergency' appointments for those with newly rescued dogs, and for puppies under 12 weeks.

*Requesting a booking does not guarantee that your chosen day and time will be available. Your booking is only secured once you have conducted a pre-consultation phone call with Becky, times/days have been agreed, and payment has been received.

*The client whilst receiving training from us is required to keep Dog Possible up-to date with their details, including phone numbers, addresses and ANY changes to their dog’s behaviour, routine or habits.

*All paperwork, including permission/authorisation must be completed and signed before the start of the first session.

Class/group Training

*Client class agreements/booking forms must be completed and returned, along with the deposit to Dog Possible before a place can be secured.

*The remaining balance is to be paid at the start of the first class, either by Cash, Bank transfer or PayPal 

*Missed classes will not be refunded unless exceptional circumstances arise such as death or re-home of the dog.

*Dogs that are reactive or anxious about other dogs and people are not suited for a class environment. This must be stated in the form. Failure to do so may lead to you being asked to leave class, and your booking cancelled without refund. 

*All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, and fully supervised.  

*NO HUMAN FOOD or NOISY TOYS (including squeaky dog toys) are permitted. As this will cause distractions to other dogs in the class.

*All classes are strictly smoke-free within the training grounds, this also applies to vaping.

*The class/group prices shown are for 1 dog. Each dog must have their own adult handler attending the class with them.

*Dogs must come wearing a flat collar with an identity tag. This is a legal requirement under section 2 of The Control of Dogs Act 1992.

*Please ensure your dog is wearing a harness with a D ring attachment on the back, to be able to participate in any distance training work, with a standard lead (Retractable leads are not suited to class environments). Please contact us if you are unsure.

*All dog waste is to be picked up and disposed of correctly within the grounds of the training areas.

*We welcome all family members to our classes and encourage children taking part in the training.

*Under no circumstance is any force, yelling or punitive methods to be used towards the dogs in the class either by handler or trainer.

*Any dogs that have received the Kennel Cough vaccine will not be able to attend classes for two weeks. This is due to it being a live vaccine and the small risk involved to other dogs coming into contact with loose hair, saliva etc.

* Any bitches in season are not permitted in the class for the 3 weeks, due to the distractions she will cause to other dogs, and the risk of an unwanted pregnancy. In these incidences we will move your missed classes to the next available class date.

* Please be sure to bring treats with you to all sessions. We are reward based trainers. High-value soft treats such as liver cake and chicken are great. 

*Extra treats can be purchased at the classes.

*During Early puppy play and train classes, we require everyone entering the hall to remove outdoor shoes and bring your own blanket for your puppy to stay on. This ensures the risk to your puppy is kept at an absolute minimum, due to not being fully vaccinated. We do not allow puppies to mix during these classes until all puppies are fully vaccinated. Please refrain from touching other people’s puppies within the training area grounds. 

*When arriving and during your class, please keep dogs on lead (or carried for play 'n' train) unless your trainer says otherwise.

*Enter via the main entrance to the right of the carpark and wait in the foyer until your trainer greets you. This is to prevent disturbance to any classes before you.

*We do a majority of our week 2-6 training outside (exception is puppy play 'n' train), unless weather is severe, so please dress for the occasion! 

You, The client

* Whilst under any of our dog training and behaviour services, the client agrees to strictly follow the trainer’s instructions without modification and work as recommended with the dog daily, and constantly reinforce the training given to the dog.

This includes ensuring the trainers instructions are still followed by all members of the household, visitors, other carers and when out in public.

* The client agrees to be solely responsible for any harm caused by their dog, whilst in the presence of Dog Possible, during or after any services unless due to the direct indisputable negligence of Dog Possible and its employees/assistants.

* All costs in connection with any veterinary treatment needed/received during any of the services will be the client’s full financial responsibility.


* All dogs must be micro-chipped and registered in the Clients name (with up-to-date details).

*By law (The Control of Dogs Act 1992), A collar with an identification tag or engraving on is required to be worn at classes and during any public outdoor services.

* Dogs must be fully vaccinated (unless in a 1-2-1 session, or in puppy social class, but still require the first injection) and regularly treated for flea and worm prevention. Dog Possible will need to see vaccination proof before any group classes. Alternatively, copies can be sent to becky@dogpossible.co.uk

* We do NOT train any dog with the use of an inhumane training tool, which includes but not limited to; any e-collars (including shock, spray or vibrate), prong, choke, or half chock collars. Pinch style harnesses, head collars or slip ring training leads.


* Dog Possible has the right to cancel any class training immediately without refund if any dog/s causes or shows any aggression towards a human or another dog if the risk was not stated beforehand.

* Dog Possible will NOT carry out services for any dog or their carers that have any active contagious disease and/or illness, including any zoonotic diseases that have not had a full 72-hour clearance. For Covid-19. Please see below.

* In guidance with the Dangerous Dog Act 1991, including the extended version in 2014, we cannot walk, train or except for classes any dog breed, including mixed breeds, labelled in the act. These are listed as, American Pitbull terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, and Fila Brasilero. This includes dogs with valid IED certificate, due to our insurance policy.

* There may be times when dogs under 1-2-1 training showing advanced/medical forms of aggression towards humans and/or other animals, may be forwarded to an aggression specialist within the area. 


*In the event of a national/local lockdown, all classes and 1-2-1 sessions will carry on as normal via Zoom or Google Meet.

*If you or any member of your family have tested positive for Covid-19, or been notified through the track and trace services, we require you to inform Dog Possible at once if you have used our services within 48 hours (excluding online service).

*Please inform Dog Possible if you or any members of your household are self-isolating or have any symptoms of Covid-19. 

*Any training left on a package or classes will continue via online if you feel well enough to attend. Alternatively, you can transfer your sessions to a more suitable time.

Refer a Friend

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) govern this Offer. Claim instructions form part of the Terms which you will be deemed to have accepted if you participate. Please read the following Terms carefully and keep a copy for your information.

The Offer

  1. Anyone that has previously used our services since March 2021 can participate. 

  2. Referred friends must register their details with Dog Possible and make a Qualifying Purchase using the unique voucher code "FRIEND20"  & STATE YOUR NAME, when paying online or via emailed invoice.

  3. When a Friend makes a Qualifying Purchase, £20.00 will be immediately deducted from their total.

  4. The referred friends course must be paid in full, and all the sessions completed before the £10.00 bonus is given. 

  5. The £10 will be sent via bank transfer via the details you provide, or refunded through the website depending on your method of original payment. 

  6. This Offer applies to your personal referrals only. 

  7. Normal terms and conditions still apply to all bookings.

  8. The Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, excluding instalment payments.

Qualifying Purchases

  1. A “Qualifying Purchase” is the purchase of a 1-2-1 life skills training course: Life skills Consultation & 2 sessions, 1-2-1 Puppy Starter 6 sessions course, or Foundations life skills 6 session course.  

  2. Group classes, reactive dogs, children & dogs safety, and any behavioural training are not part of the qualifying purchases under this offer.

  3. Dog Possible reserves the right to withdraw or amend the Offer at any time, without notice.

  4. The Offer is governed by English law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of English courts.

Your privacy and protection of yourself, dogs, and your home

* Any of the personal information we hold on file, is for Dog Possible records only. We do not pass any of your details to third parties of any kind and will not be used for marketing purposes.

We comply with the strict laws following the new GDPR 2018. For more details, please email becky@dogpossible.co.uk

* We may take photos and videos during training sessions for advertising purposes. We will do our best to not include your face, unless agreed beforehand. If you object to photos/video’s after previously giving consent, please state in writing to becky@dogpossible.co.uk

* Dog Possible is covered by a full business insurance including public liability. Clients have the right to view our policy at any given time.

* Our insurance will only cover your dog and your home in the event of negligence by Dog Possible and only during the duration of the services. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure their pet/s and home has adequate insurance.